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200 series

Avant 200 series is very easy to operate. Its compact size and maneuverability enable endless possibilities in small spaces such as in the garden and at the holiday home. Since the loader is easy to transport on a trailer, you can effortlessly relocate it wherever it is needed.
During the summertime, the Avant 200 series works perfectly as the essential little helper, whether you need to mow your lawn or do soil cultivation work. It also assists in smaller digging sites whether you need a backhoe or an auger.
Super compact multi-functional loader
Avant 200 series is an amazingly powerful and versatile compact loader considering its small size. The basic ideology with the articulated design and hydraulic 4x4 transmission is the same as in bigger Avant’s.
Easy access to driver’s seat, ample space for operator, logical and easy-to-use controls and excellent visibility to the working area guarantee efficient operation.
The Avant quick attach system for attachments and hydraulic multi-connector are standard features as well.
The 200 series is especially strong in driving attachments with its max 42 l/min hydraulics flow. The wide Avant attachment range allows working all year round – be it earthmoving, lawn mowing, digging, load handling, snow removal, etc. 200 series is much more than a ride-on lawn mower, compact tractor or a quad bike.

  • Lift capacity 350 kg
  • Lift height 1,4 m
  • Auxiliary hydraulics 30-42 l/min
  • Engine power 20-25 hp
  • Drive speed 10 km/h
  • Simple, effective hydraulics means good power and low operating costs
  • Easy to transport with a car trailer
  • ENGINE MAKE AND TYPE Kohler CV640 Stage V
  • FUNCTION 4-stroke
  • FUEL gasoline
  • ENGINE OUTPUT (ECE R120) 14,9 kW (20 hp)
  • MAX. DRIVE SPEED 10 km/h
  • DRIVE HYDRAULICS Direct hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with 4 hydraulic motors
  • REAR OUTLET (OPTION) 7 l/min
  • TIPPING LOAD *) 350 kg
  • LIFTING HEIGHT 1400 mm
  • SEAT BELT Standard
  • WHEELS 20 x 8.00 -10 Grass or TR
  • WEIGHT 700 kg
  • HEIGHT 1880 mm
  • WIDTH 995/1025 mm
  • LENGHT 1910 mm
  • PRODUCT NO: A21675

*) The tipping load is measured with the load 400 mm from the front of the quick attach plate.

  • Tyres 20 x 8.00 – 10: Speed 10 km/h
  • Tyres 20 x 8.00 – 10 TR: Speed 10 km/h