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SUPER 1800-3 – The Highlights Of The New Generation

The SUPER 1800-3i is the most powerful tracked paver in its performance class and ideal for a wide variety of paving applications. The paver conceived for a maximum pave width of 10m while based on a machine length of just 6m handles motorway projects with the same high perfection as it copes with confined spaces when tackling roundabouts.

  • Innovative Tracked Paver
  • Efficient and Eco-Friendly Drive Concept
  • Automated Processes with “AutoSet Plus”
  • Process Safety for Material Transfer with “PaveDock” and “PaveDock Assistant”
  • PaveDock Assistant”: The Communication System
  • VÖGELE ErgoPlus 3
  • High Precision on Tracks
  • Large Material Hopper, Easy Feed with Mix
  • Prime Paving Quality Due to Perfect Material Handling
  • Easy Maintance – Long Intervals Between Maintenance Services
  • Screed Options for All Paving Applications