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Mini Class Pavers

Mimi Class pavers come with Track type only and working ranges from 0.5 meter to maximum paving width of 3.5 meter with Bolt-on extension.
Thanks to its compact design, variable paving width and high performance, the SUPER 700i is the ideal mini paver for surfacing footpaths and cycle paths, as well as for minor paving jobs and pavement repairs. Its excellent value for money and particularly simple operating concept make the SUPER 700i an ideal partner for landscaping contractors, as well as for municipal authorities.
Mini Class delivers maximum quality
For the Pineview utility cut, a 0.75-in. NMAS standard hot asphalt mix containing 5% liquid asphalt and 30% RAP was being placed by the VÖGELE paver 6 in. deep in two 3-in. lifts, for a total of 110 tons. “That’s where this little paver comes in handy,” said Mike LaRose. “Because of the grade of the backfill, if we were doing it by hand, the patch surface would stay rough. But the paver will take the roughness out, because the screed blows through the inconsistencies in the grade. The paver’s quality makes our final product better, and gets it placed faster. It’s a great deal for us.” The larger aggregate used in the utility patch – compared to the trail path – is used to stand up better to vehicular traffic that would not be present on the path. “On the utility patch we are shooting for 95 to 96% density,” Mike LaRose said. “That’s where this little paver helps too; when you place patches with skid steer loaders or hand shovels, you’re not getting any initial compaction. But when it’s coming out of that vibratory screed, it’s getting ¬compaction early on.”