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MT 3000-2 Power Feeder

Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that a high level of paving quality is achieved in road construction. There can be no doubt that an uninterrupted and non-contacting supply of mix to the paver is crucial to preventing any stops in the paving process. A material feeder is thus vital to the economical achievement of high-quality results, especially on large-scale job sites. The cutting-edge MT 3000-2i can do a great deal more than previous material feeders.

  • Uninterrupted and non-contacting supply of mix to pavers ensures maximum paving quality
  • High-performance feeder concept in combination with the large receiving hopper
  • holding 16.4 tonnes allows even large mix lorries to be emptied in just 60 seconds
  • Anti-collision protection and reliable distance control
  • ErgoPlus operating concept offers an excellent all-round view and allows easy and
    safe operation
  • High conveying capacity up to 1,200 tonnes/h