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Lubricant Image

Slipform Paver SP 500

Concrete mixers are typically used for delivering concrete into the slipform paver’s receiving hopper when paving in offset application. The concrete is transported to the offset mould in a continuous operation either via a slewable charging conveyor or via a slewable feeding auger. Electrically or hydraulically driven vibrators are installed in the mould in accordance with customer specifications. They are capable of compacting concrete material of many different grades uniformly by means of high-frequency vibrations. The paving mould produces the monolithic profile while the slipform paver moves forward, producing a concrete structure of uniform, superior quality and excellent finish.
Multi-purpose slipform paver for paving concrete slabs at widths of up to 6.00 m. The SP 500 can be equipped with dowel bar inserter (DBI) and finishing equipment. The machine is capable of paving monolithic profiles in offset application

  • Producing durable pavements with economic efficiency
  • The right paving mould for any given profile
  • High utilization enabled by a wide range of applications
  • Environmentally friendly machine technology
  • Operational safety