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A large milling machine

Efficient cold milling machine for powerful milling operations:
- The easy-to-operate, compact cold milling machine caters to a wide range of applications from surface course rehabilitation to the removal of pavements at full depth.
- The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control system permits efficient operation of the machine in automatic mode paired with high performance and user friendliness
- The machine completes milling jobs with the utmost precision thanks to the advanced LEVEL PRO ACTIVE leveling system.
- Reliable WIRTGEN cutting technology using the innovative HT22 PLUS upper toolholder part minimizes both pick wear and operating costs.
- The high-capacity, hydraulically operated folding conveyor offers conveyor slewing angles of up to 65° to the left and right for flexibility in operation.
Benefits of Cold Milling Technology
Cold milling is a globally recognized construction method and is unmatched from both an economic and environmental point of view. Thanks to its unique experience and expertise in milling technology, WIRTGEN is continuously expanding the range of applications for cold milling machines. As an innovation leader, WIRTGEN always delivers results for demanding applications and develops field-proven, productive solutions – often together with customers.