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Cold Milling Machine W 35 DC

Highly versatile small milling machine ideally suited for carrying out partial pavement repairs, milling around manhole covers, placing or removing road markings. The W 35 DC can optionally be equipped with loading conveyor

  • Compact large milling machine that can be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 1.50 m, 2.0 m or 2.20 m working width
  • Three selectable milling drum speeds enable a broad range of applications: large-scale surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal at full depth, fine milling, and many more
  • Automatic parallel machine alignment using PTS
  • Intelligent ISC track drive control for maximum traction
  • Low operating cost due to the WIDRIVE machine management system
  • Milling machine can be equipped with the Wirtgen LEVEL PRO levelling system