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Motor Grader Series

Since their addition to Shantui’s product line up a few years back, motor graders have gradually flattened the competition with , by range starting from operating weight 15.4 ton with engine 118Kw,& blade width 3660mm up to 16.2 ton operating weight with engine 160Kw & blade width 4270mm.

  • Developed using advanced foreign technologies.
  • Equipped with external gears for high torque transference.
  • Linked swing frame for easy operation.
  • Capable of handling high workloads under harsh conditions.
  • Similar characteristics, except for graduated engine size and power ratings.
  • The “3” denotes the 3rd generation of these motor graders.
  • Engine power: 151 kW.
  • Overall weight: 16 tons.
  • Blade width: 3965 mm.