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Shantui is the world’s undisputed King of the Hill in bulldozer production and sales. in wide range of bulldozers starting from 80 HP up to 520 HP , for different type of work for operation in projects with tough conditions.
Equipped with advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation. Shantui bulldozers are extensively used in various environments, including mines, forests, deserts, wetlands, and coal fields. Their rich and diversified applications make them versatile machines for different construction needs.
Product Range: Shantui offers a diverse range of bulldozers, including mechanical, hydraulic, hydrostatic, and electric types. These bulldozers cover a power range from a minimum of 80 horsepower to a maximum of 900 horsepower.

  • A powerful bulldozer with 220 horsepower.
  • The biggest Shantui bulldozer with 900 horsepower.
  • A smaller bulldozer with 160 horsepower.