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Lubricant Image

HD 100

The Bull HD100 4WD is a backhoe loader manufactured by Bull since 2018. It has a weight of 8.2 tons and a bucket capacity of 1.2 cubic meters. The tear-out force is 86.23 kilonewtons, and it can dredge up to a depth of 4.6 meters. The maximum discharge height is 2.96 meters, and it has a maximum reach horizontal of 5.5 meters. The travel speed of this backhoe loader is 40 kilometers per hour. The backhoe bucket capacity is 0.27 cubic meters, with a tear-out force of 62.68 kilonewtons.

  • PERKINS 1104D-44TA, EU NRMM 97/68/EC, EURO III A
  • 74.5KW (100HP) @2200 RPM
  • 410 NM @ 1400 RPM