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Flexi MAX 22/25

• Flexi MAX 22/25 lifts heights to over 15.0m/590".
• Heavy-duty fixed space German steel frame lift beam mast for unbeatable high-level stability.
• Tilting and side shifting fork carriage (Kaup) means special flat floors not required.
• HIVIS rollover operators guard exceeds all EU/US safety standards.
• CCTV/LCD HiDEF integrated operator vision system.
• Integrated Laser lift height selector system.
• Heavy-duty 2.5t/5,000lbs articulation design.
• Four compact chassis widths 1.25m/50", 1.35m/53", 1.4m/55" and 1.5m/60" for optimum aisle way performance depending on load weight and lift.
• Independent digital power steering motor for maximum energy saving and no kickback - 20% more pallet moves.
• End of aisle transfer in only 3 metre aisle adds 10% more pallet location compared to Man Up Combi.
• Three ‘brushless’ digital electric motors for long battery life and ultra-low servicing costs.
• Adds 30% more ground level picking locations, compared to moving mast reach trucks.
• Consistant 3° tilt at all lift heights.

  • NOMINAL CAPACITY 1500kg – 2000kg
  • AISLE WIDTH 1.6m – 1.8m
  • CHASSIS WIDTH 1000mm – 1200mm