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Flexi 25

• Flexi 25W lift heights to over 13.0m/512".
• Heavy-duty 2.5t/5,000lbs articulation system.
• Extended shift work from high capacity batteries and digital motor technology.
• Independent power steering motor and hydraulic pump to ensure smooth; kick free steering.
• Operator Vision System (CCTV/LCD) .
• Integrated laser lift height selector.
• Safe efficient stacking optimises pallet movements.
• Heavy-duty Flexi for industrial customers who want to save space and increase pallet throughput.
• Loads up to 2.5t/5,000lb.
• Chassis widths of 1.35m/53" and 1.4m/55" for optimum aisle way performance.
• Clear HiViS heavy-duty space frame lift for unbeatable high-level stability.
• Three ‘brushless’ digital electric motors for long battery life and ultra-low servicing costs.

  • NOMINAL CAPACITY 2250kg – 2500kg
  • AISLE WIDTH 1.9m – 2.1m
  • CHASSIS WIDTH 1350mm – 1400mm