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Vanellus Multi 20W-50

Vanellus Multi 20W-50 is a premium mineral heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated with CleanGuardTM technology to keep your engine clean and reliable. It is suitable for use in high speed 4-stroke diesel engines that use a broad range of fuel qualities.

Vanellus Multi 20W-50 with CleanGuardTM Technology helps keep your engine clean by reducing deposit build-up so that you get reliable engine performance.

As an engine works harder it will get hotter, and the higher temperatures will accelerate oil oxidation and deposit formation. Hard carbon deposits and lacquer formation lead to bore polishing and high oil consumption. Vanellus Multi 20W-50 with CleanGuardTM efficiently controls harmful deposits in the piston top groove under high temperature and high sulphur fuel conditions. Using Vanellus Multi 20W-50 you know your engine is up to 30% cleaner*

* compared to ACEA standard test limits

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