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Plate Compactors

All our forward plate compactors have one thing in common – they let you keep working without interruption.
They are all designed with the user in focus, easy to transport and operate. They’re also all equipped with our patented anti-vibration handle to save you from white fingers.
These compaction plates deliver efficient compacting on silt and gravel thanks to their good compaction capacity, high centrifugal forces and high speeds. For asphalt repair jobs you’ll appreciate the non-stick bottom plate and large water tank with tubeless watering system.
Tamping Rammers
Clay and silt are fine cohesive soils. To compact these, machines with high impact and lower frequency are needed - and that’s what the Husqvarna LT series of tamping rammers delivers.
Equipped with the purpose-built Honda GXR120 petrol engine, which is designed specifically for tamping rammers, they give you all the force you need with superb balance and control, low noise and low emissions.
Husqvarna LT tamping rammers are ideal for trench and sewage systems, gardening and landscaping, compaction on backfill, foundations, patching and repairs.