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HK 1000 PM Tank Sprayer

The HK 1000 PM tank sprayer system is a versatile and easy to use
Machine for all kinds of cold liquid road binders for surface dressing
And tack coating works in road construction and maintenance

  • Insulated welded steel tank with different tank capacities, mounted on A rigid sub frame, ready to be adapted to suitable carrier vehicles like trucks or trailers
  • Power compartment with powerful diesel engine, binder pump, especially Suitable for viscous binders, and single cylinder compressor
  • Compressor system for spray bar open/close control and purging of binder circuit
  • Fuel burner system whit electronic thermostat
  • Full circulation spray bar with two foldable extensions and approx 4,0M spray width Elector – pneumatic open/close remote control in the driver’s cabin.
  • Due to the modular design of the HK1000 PM Sprayer system, it is possible to mount it on locally available truck chassis by us.