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FM Pentium

The FM Pentium is a static sand and aggregate washing unit that combines several components on a single chassis.
This innovative washing unit enables quarries to efficiently wash sand and aggregates, making it a valuable addition to processing plants12. If you’re in the market for sand washing solutions, the FM Pentium is worth considering

  • Increased Production: Building upon the success of the Fines Master range, the FM Pentium offers increased production and versatility.
  • Static Design: It is a static unit, meaning it remains in one place during operation.
  • Single Chassis: The FM Pentium is designed to produce one sand and one aggregate on a single chassis.
  • Feed Rate: It can handle a feed rate of up to 150 tph of pre-screened material.
  • Washed Sand Production: The FM Pentium has the ability to produce up to 120 tph of washed sand.