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Denair Vacuum Pump

Our range covers the following :
- Pumping Speed 180 to 720 m3/hr
- Extreme Pressure 0.02 to mbar
Compared to other types of dry vacuum pump, DENAIR screw vacuum pump has the shortest gas path in the vacuum pump and that could reduce the contamination of process gas. Patented rotor profile can provide rotor excellent sealing effects thus a larger clearance is allowable in between.Pump rotor wearing and rotor jam by the process contamination can be reduced by larger allowable clearcance.
Microprocessor controller provides lots of pump parameters for running status monitoring.Pump can be easily operated and monitored by the operation panel. Remote control software can help the customer monitor the pump running status remotely.

  • Uniform rotor meshing, good sealing, high pumping efficiency
  • High ultimate vacuum, ultimate pressure up to 0.6 Pa
  • The screw pump rotors are all G1 level balancing experiments. The vibration of the pump is small during operation.
  • The pump is equipped with a special standard for removable muffler, good noise reduction effect and low noise; meanwhile it is easy to take apart and wash.
  • The German CNC screw rotor machining center was introduced with high precision and stable product performance