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Denair Compressed Air Dessicant Dryer

Our range covers the following :
- Capacity 1.2 to 120 m3/min (42 cfm to 4,238 cfm)
- Pressure Range 6 to 13 Bar
Denair Compressed Air Dessicant Dryer incorporates high quality dessicant material (activated alumina or carbon molecular sieve) which provides pressure dew point between -20 to -40 Deg C with minimal purge air requirement of 12 to 15%
The Dessicant Dryer comes in-built with automatic control system and alarm device to ensure safety and reliability. Air controlling dust filters prevents dust from entering critical components thus prolonging life of the Dryer.
The control system uses single-chip microcomputer program for automatic control and provides stable and reliable performance. Regeneration noise is kept below 72 dB (A) thanks to muffler sound absorbing glass with high temperature ultra-fine cotton. Automatic alarm system monitors intake air temperature & pressure and option for choosing cycle time is available.