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Crawler tractors PR 736 Litronic Crawler tractors

Power and innovative technology are the hallmarks of Liebherr crawler tractors. Whether for precision grading or heavy pushing, the PR 736 is a powerful machine for any application.
Liebherr diesel engines are designed for the harsh conditions of construction sites and provide the right amount of power in every situation. Depending on the job requirements, different operating modes are available for maximum power or fuel saving operation.
With exhaust emission values that comply with the most stringent legislation and even greater fuel economy than that of previous models, the PR 735 crawler dozer sets new environmental standards by minimizing their “ecological footprint”.

  • 8
  • 20,000 – 24,900 kg
  • 3.80 – 5.56 m³
  • 160 kW / 217 hp
  • 160 kW / 214 HP