ISUZU Marine

Isuzu Motors Ltd. began manufacturing diesel engines in 1936 at the company headquarters in Japan. Since then, much progress has been made. Isuzu engines can be found all over the world, with more than 10 million of them out there, making Isuzu one of the most popular industrial brands on the face of the planet.
There have been some interesting discoveries along the way. Isuzu pioneered the use of ceramics in internal combustion engines, and in 1981, introduced the first ceramic glow plugs, reducing the pre-start warm up time. In addition, some resourceful modifications to direct-ignition systems give way to lighter sub-two-liter class engines with power ranges that belie such modest displacements. And innovations like swirl-type combustion for optional air-fuel mixing help Isuzu maximize combustion and minimize emissions on every engine that is manufactured. EPA, CARB, and various other government agencies are very happy about that.
Marine Engines
  • Wide range of line-ups, World-widely distributed.
  • Proven reliability in the commercial boat industry.
  • Running cost advantages and clean emissions by Isuzu Diesel technologies derived from its automotive engines.
Marine Engine Lineup
  • Natural Aspiration series 
  • Turbo Intercooler series In-line 4 and 6 Cylinders.
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