CompAir is a leading global supplier, providing high performance and low operating cost compressors and ancillaries for a broad range of applications.

The portable compressors from CompAir prove their reliability in the toughest site conditions and deliver significant cost savings through energy efficiency and low maintenance.

A wide variety of users rely on CompAir C series compressors when there is a demand for portable compressed air. Pressures range, depending on the model, from 7 to 24 bar g (100 to 350 psig).

The patented Bi-Turbo compression technology of the TurboScrew makes these compressors outstanding in efficiency. They consume up to 30% less fuel and are the smallest and lightest compressors in their class.

CompAir's experience in the design and manufacture of high quality and efficient portable compressors spans almost 200 years. Today's models, the result of an intensive development programme, deliver the high performance, features and reliability demand by users in a multitude of harsh environments.

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