BENNINGHOVEN, founded in 1909 as a cogwheel manufacturer, evolved over the years into an industry pioneer in asphalt mixing plants. They expanded into combustion technology, ventured into the asphalt industry, and in 1986 introduced their first asphalt mixing plant. Today, BENNINGHOVEN is at the forefront of the asphalt mixing plant industry, driven by pioneering technologies and a highly trained workforce. Milestones such as the introduction of hot-gas generator recycling technology, integration into the Wirtgen Group, and the establishment of the world’s most advanced asphalt mixing plant manufacturing facility in 2018 solidify their position as industry pacesetters.

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From steel construction to the development of intricate control systems, BENNINGHOVEN designs and manufactures all core components in-house. This approach, combined with streamlined production processes and high levels of automation, ensures efficient production at their state-of-the-art facility. As a member of the WIRTGEN GROUP, an international conglomerate in the construction equipment sector, BENNINGHOVEN Branch of Wirtgen Mineral Technologies GmbH specializes in the manufacturing of asphal

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Since 2016, GENAVCO LLC has proudly served as the representative of BENNINGHOVEN, marking the inception of a longstanding partnership. With over two decades of invaluable experience and expertise in the Road Construction Industry, we have earned our reputation as a trusted partner for supplying of Road construction equipment and representing of world-renowned brands like WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, and Kleeman, all headquartered in Germany Notably, BENNINGHOVEN is an integral part of the same group, renowned globally as pioneers in Road and Mineral Technology.

Benninghoven Asphlat Plants Products

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The plants can be operated as stationary production systems and, thanks to their transport-optimized, standard container-sized modules, are also ideal for fast and unproblematic relocation…

BENNINGHOVEN – ECO Asphalt Mixing Plants

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The transportable plants are suitable for both semi-mobile and stationary deployment.

BENNINGHOVEN – TBA Asphalt Mixing Plants

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The high RAP addition rates of up to 90+x% are one of the most notable features of the RPP. The BENNINGHOVEN RPP series effectively contributes…

BENNINGHOVEN – RPP Asphalt Mixing Plants