Buses and Trucks manufactured in the USA, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and elsewhere, equipped with ALLISON transmission are working in hundreds of countries from Sri Lanka to Peru. To provide an unmatched user support network ALLISON have more than 1600 distributors and dealers in over 75 countries to give fast and efficient back-up for parts and servicing. We, Genavco are their distributors for the UAE Offering products, parts and a quality service to our clients.

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GENAVCO & Allison

Genavco has the only accredited service training center with full time trainers for ALLISON equipment in the Middle East. We conduct training for user personnel and other distributor’s staff for the other parts of the Middle East on a regular basis where instructor shows the internal components of transmissions and provide information on their operational theory before students begin actual "hands on" trouble shooting and repair.


Model Range - 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 9000, Frac Tran, E-Gen Axle Applications – Bus, Coach, Trucks, Fracking, Rigs, Armored Vehicles, Hybrid Drive Sectors - Construction, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Defense, Transportation, Mining, E.V.

Allison Products

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Designed for light commercial vehicles in both on-highway and public transport applications, Allison Transmission’s 1000 Series™ and 2000 Series™ are built for reliable, productive and…

1000 Series™ + 2000 Series™

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Allison Transmission’s 3000 Series™ is designed for medium-duty commercial vehicles and is engineered to adapt and operate efficiently in a variety of applications. The 3000…

3000 Series™

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Allison Transmission’s 4000 Series™ is designed to make heavy-duty vehicles operate smoothly and efficiently. Allison’s 4000 Series is built for productivity and reliability to deliver…

4000 Series™