INDECO, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, was founded in 1976. Today, INDECO has developed the international market, soon became a leading brand in the global demolition industry, competing with a group of similar-sized rivals.
In 1986, the company patented the world's first "intelligent breaker", capable of modulating its frequency and energy per blow in relation to the hardness of the rock.

Then in 1996, on its twentieth anniversary, INDECO won the "Samoter International Award" in the Machinery Builders category for the outstanding achievements in the technological innovation area.
As the market began to differentiate, calling for more specialized products, Indeco responded in 2003 by expanding the product portfolio, introducing a range of fixed and rotating pulverizers, designed specifically for demolishing buildings, vertical structures and flooring, as well as for recycling, i.e. separating concrete from rebars.

In 2004, INDECO launched the new series of High Performance HP breakers with a novel design, brand-new materials and lower noise emissions. The continual product improvements, and the commitment to come up with variations to meet the different needs of our end-users, make the Indeco range the widest available anywhere on the market, with 20 models and 50 different combinations.

In 2008, at the specific request of an American firm struggling with some particularly hard rock, INDECO shattered all records for the second time in the history of the demolition industry, by building the world's biggest hydraulic breaker. The HP 18000's sheer size is breathtaking, not to mention its performance, making it the ideal breaker for huge earthworks, primary breaking and extra hard rocks. 4.6 metres high, weighing 11.05 tonnes, it can handle tools with a diameter of up to 250 mm, and has a destructive potential that is far and away the best of any breaker on today's market

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